Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dear You,


I don't know why she doesn't like me! I don't care at all but I think she's very over the top now. *Sigh
Her Facebook become her so-called-diary. She write all her ke-tidakpuas-an hati di wall FB. Immature tau! All the relatives, friend and family of her can read it because her privacy post was set to public. Even dia tak mention my name each of the post but when you read it, it clearly point it to me :(  

It hurt me alot!
I try to ignore all the post but i can't because they keep talking about it. Why you so good in hurting people? I'm try to tell myself that the-post-is-not-for-me but it hurts me even more! Duhh. Worst conflict ever in my life. Pity my little heart. 

I'm tired of pretending everything is okay!
I just don't get it. Look at yourself first. You almost have everything with you! You have car, a very awesome job, salary, your parent, your sibling, your friend, your boyfriend, your degree so no reason la nak tak puas hati dgn aku! I can't afford to buy my own car, i'm a student soon to be a pekerja-praktical, no salary only PTPTN that never enough for me to spend the whole semester nor the job. My academic qualification hanya sampai SPM insya-Allah soon to have my diploma but hello, you have a degree kot! Thousand times better than me. I only have my parent, sibling, relative and friends *Alhamdulillah. You're gizzilion times better than me, so what's all the ke-tidakpuas-an hati tu! No reason kan?

Its better for me to leave. Far away from you. I think my decision to stay at Ampang for the internship purpose was right! I hope things get better by itself. 

I believe in this :)

Dear you, *you know who you're

Thank you so much, you contribute much to me. Why? Cause without you, I don't even know about waterproof mascara.

p/s: stay positive and smile :)

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