Sunday, 17 February 2013



Alhamdulillah, so many thing change for the past few years since i left SMK Jalan Reko. I'm turning 20 this year but so much things I learn. People change so do I. Within 2 years, my perception, attitude and mindset change too. I'm change because of them :) So here goes the stories about them. 

All of us have decide what our future should be by continue our study. Some of my friends, got into college, Politeknik, UITM, KPTM, KPM and form 6. That was not a big problem for me because as long as you continue your study, you gonna be okay but one of my friend choose to not further his studies but working. I was like, hell no. How can you survive in the future with your SPM?. *Sigh. That was my mindset 2 years ago. But now it change, he proved me that I AM WRONG totally wrong . He now become a manager and manage to purchase his own car masa dia 19 years old! I'm amazed. Congratulation to you. I'm sorry for being so rude and negative towards you. I'm not a good friends to you. I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry :(

Second stories are about my girlfriend. We're very closed to each other. We're have the same passion towards music. We always make our own list music yang nak download then passed to Ameng utk download. First I knew her, she's not the type of girl yg pakai Hijab but she's very soft spoken and kind. She have the quality of being a good girl :) Envy you so damned much. She's start wearing a hijab when she's around 18/19 macam tu. At that time, I'm surprised with that but at the same time I'm happy. I dont even asked her about what makes her change etc at all. Past few day, she said she already berniat utk pakai Niqab. I'm touched. I'm called myself as her bestfriend but I never ask her to wear hijab apatah lagi Niqab. I'm really sorry. I'm not a good friend to you too. I'm really really sorry :(

I need a friend that support me non stop, always courage me doing good thing, always be my side through thick and thin but I never do the same thing toward my friend. I became unsupported friend when he decide to choose the different path, I'm never had intended to ask my friend to wear hijab. 

I'm sorry for not being a good friend to you!

p/s: Sit back and think, all this while i being a friend to someone, sometime claimed that I'm was her/his bestfriend but what was i do for them?

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