Saturday, 31 March 2012

Batu Maloi, Aiskrim & dot dot dot


Just a quick update.. Tomorrow i'm going to Gua Batu Maloi, Seremban.. 4 days 3 night camping.. Doing recreational activity with my energetic classmate.. Hope everything going well and under control.. I'm worried about my shoulder but I think everything gonna be okay *double cross finger*.. Pheww..Excited but worried.. 

Talking about camping, aku hanya bawak 2 buah beg je! Million thanks to En. Ayah sebab beg hiking biru yang super wow dan dan dan bau kedai lagi.. Auwmmm..

1 beg :)
2 beg :)
Bawak dua beg yg En Ayah bagi je.. Nak hiking tak boleh bawak beg banyak banyak macam camping time sweet 13 lagi *dulu tak matang*..  Looking at the tentatif macam simple je activity dia but my PA say that is going to be tough..pheuww.. 

Okay, enough for today.. No more talking.. I'm going to bed, get enough sleep and prepared mental and physical for 4 days camping at Batu Maloi, Negeri Sembilan. Right shoulder, please be nice with me ya.. FYI, i have right shoulder dislocation since from 3 and almost 5 or 6 maybe shoulder dislocate *FACT*.. Wish me luck ya guys..

p/s: No more dislocate this time.. Hoping for that :)

Gotcha Tiger  Lolly
Thanks Eyka for the ice-cream :)

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