Saturday, 17 November 2012

Awesome Family of Mine



This semester is special from another semester. This semester we've photoshoot for each class. We never get a chance like this since semester 1 in PIS. How lucky we're this semester even we've to pay RM 30 per head its worth it. 

Formal pose
2 person are missing. Nora and Abie dekat KL so diaorang takde dalam gambar.  Zura pun takde jugak. She extend 1 sem for her daughter, Dhia. Our PA also absent. Kitorang tak sempat nak inform dekat En Rezal pasal photoshoot. 

Even that day sangat panas lepas tu berbaju korparat! Takpe, redah je.. 

See, sampai hati Haziq nak tembak aku!

Free pose semua abang photog yang suruh.. Nama je free pose tapi kitorang tak free mana pun sebab photog yang suruh.. By looking at the picture, all the memories like flashback in my mind. Gonna miss you a lot :)

We awesome like always. Thank you for being my classmate and friend. Another 1 and half year in PIS. Insya-Allah we can make it until the end. Never ever give up and stay together as one big family :) Love you.. 

Much love,
Zara Zainal

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