Friday, 2 November 2012

Here we go again


Its been a while since my last post, which plus minus a month ago.. So many thing to do. I almost finish with my study.. No.. I'm not graduate ye.. It just an end of the semester. Next semester gonna be different. I'm no longer in Johor Bharu because of the internship program. Hopefully everything goes well as planned. 

Too much thing to shared but not now i guess. I'm back for writing.. Before ni banyak sangat halangan, cabaran, dugaan dan rintangan untuk menulis.. Okay alasan.. It just me, twitter and assignment only.. Okay another alasan.. So hye hye silent readers :)

Owh another one, since its a new month, happy new month guys. Well every new month kena ada impian dan harapan baru kan, so start from this November I'm gonna share with you about tourism education since i'm in this business.. Bukan utk show off just nak attract people towards our tourism product.. Proud to be the Malaysian...
That's all from now.. Later la share pasal tourism product ni kan.. Bye bye

sunburn sibu tak habis lagi! 

p/s: another entry is coming :)

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