Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Johor Sibling


This is my family here in JB.. We've been a family since last semester. I'm not sure about the exactly when we've become a family but here come the story about us..

she's the one that I called little sister :)
My classmate said that we're twin. I mean me and Afifa exactly look alike. Both of us tak notice pun benda tu but they keep on talking about that. Then we have a trip to Batu Maloi. Kitorang dapat khemah sama so we always together except for the group activity. One day, when we have our luch or tea time macam tu, one of the senior, tanya kitorang ni kembar ke and suddenly the seniors noticed us and keep on calling us 'kembar' especially Co'on..

Kitorang ni boleh dikatakan sama dari segi rupa dan perangai.. We exactly the same.. Blur, selalu ditipu oleh kak paw, innocent, sometime slow what else? Too much to put in the list I guest.. hikhikhik

one of the picture collection #Johorsibling
For the only hero in our family, they said Ed macam Afifa. Blur pun macam Afifa. Disebabkan Afifa is my little sister, Ed become my little brother and just like that, Ed become our family.

The face :)
Walaupun tak sampai setahun kita kenal, tapi kita rapat. They make me feel comfy in this family and I don't know how. It was a great feeling when you have someone that you don't know and suddenly became a friend and family to you without a doubt. Thank you Allah for giving them to me.

Latest picture of us, Nusajaya.
There a long way to go for us. This one year family + friend relationship really means a lot. Hopefully it last longer. Insya Allah, #Johorsibling forever until Jannah. Keep on together through thick and thin, up and down here in PIS, finish our study and graduate bersama.

Ohh gosh. Emotional sangat entry kali ni :)

p/s: family first

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